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Yuma Nephrology, P.C. provides you with a complete and comprehensive management approach to your chronic kidney disease and its related complications.

Our nephrologists will help you understand your kidney disease and take charge of your health. Yuma Nephrology helps your primary care doctor and entire team of caregivers treat and monitor your kidney disease. Our goal is to improve your quality of life by providing you with the tools to prevent, or delay as long as possible, the need for dialysis. We offer treatment for kidney pain, infections and other kidney problems.

Who is on your Yuma Nephrology care team?

You are the most important person on the Yuma Nephrology team. Other members include:

Your doctor

Registered Nurse
Registered Dietitian
Medical Assistant

Lab Technician

Ultrasound Technician

Please contact us if you are experiencing any kidney problems. Our nephrologists serve adult patients and offer compassionate, knowledgeable care to help you understand the disease process and take charge of your health.

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