​​​Yuma Nephrology, P.C.

​Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)/ Hemodialysis treatment supervision at dialysis units of Yuma. We have 3 DaVita Dialysis units:DaVita Yuma Dialysis, DaVita South Dialysis, DaVita Edge River Dialysis, and Desert Dunes Dialysis.

Kidney Transplant

Our Services

We educate our patients to help manage their iron deficiency. We give intravenous iron shots to treat severe iron deficiency.​

Post-Kidney transplant follow-up.

High blood pressure is a silent killer. We aggressively manage the blood pressure in our office.

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Blood Pressure Checks

Manage iron deficiency related to kidney disease 


Manage anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease

Yuma Nephrology provides a wide spectrum of services related to kidney disease in adults:

We educate our patients to help manage their anemia. We also administer anemia shots to help treat anemia.

Come into our office for a blood pressure check. If your blood pressure has been elevated, change in your medication or the doctor wants you to come in to get your blood pressure check. You can come in for a blood pressure check during regular business hours.